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Edmac has acquired Woodward Compressor Sales, a Charlotte-based distributor focused on compressor service and parts. Click the button below to go to the Edmac website and shop online

Edmac has acquired Woodward Compressor Sales, a distributor focused on sales and service of compressors, as well as parts used for compressor service. As part of the acquisition, Woodward will move into a new custom fitted facility in Charlotte North Carolina. The company has 15 employees. Woodward Compressor Sales has over 50 years of expertise in providing service, technical support, specifying and supplying parts for many different compressor brands.

“This acquisition gives us expertise, new sourcing and customer channels, along with expansive knowledge when it comes to sourcing spares parts for all types of compressors and associated equipment. The goal is that we are stronger together and accelerate the innovation we bring to Woodward and Edmac customers,” said Andrew Bardsley, General Manager of Edmac in the United States.

The Edmac mission is shopping for compressed air parts – made simple. Edmac is a local, national, and global organization, giving customers the very best support. Woodward will continue to operate as a standalone business serving their customer base as they have done for over 50 years using the Woodward name.

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