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We are Woodward

What We Offer

Where Our Over 40 Years Of Experience Will Save You Money And Time On Your Compressor Selection

A division of Edmac Compressor Parts we offer

  • Over 3 million dollars in Stock
  • 97% shipping rate when you place an order before 3:00pm est
  • 8 customer service reps to help you with any of your questions. 
  • Product Specialists to ensure that you are ordering the best quality products for your machines by fit and performance.

Our Product Offering. To find these and More please go check out Edmac Compressor Parts  where you can use the Quick search tool in the top right to search the product numbers that you need.

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Air Compressors

Bare Pumps

Vacuum Pumps




Inline Filter Elements


Hard Parts

Compressor Parts

Food Grade Lubricant

Cleaner Flush

Inline Filter Acc.

Inline Filter Assemb.


Mist Eleminators


Centrifugal Water Seperators

Oil Water Separator Rep Bag

Piston Compressor Lubricants

Screw Compressor Lubricants

Centrifugal Compressor Lub


Activated Alumina

Molecular Sieve

Silica Gels


Air Receiver

Installer Equipment

Technical Safety Equipment

Vacuum Pump/blower Lub

Hydraulic Oil

Who We Are

We are here as a division of Edmac Compressor Parts and better than ever!

As a division of Edmac and move to the new warehouse we have greatly increased our part offering and shipping and receiving capabilities for our aftermarket and OEM products in order to fulfill our guarantee of fast, efficient deliveries. Please contact us for more inforamtion on our product offering. Thank you for understanding the necessary changes that allow us to better serve you and ensure that your air compressor returns to pristine condition as soon as possible. We appreciate your loyalty with us at Woodward!

We want to help you in any way that we can to get you the parts that you need. Our sales team is ready and here for you with all of your needs and concerns. We understand that it has been rough and we have done everything in our power to get back to normal. We are there and ready to help you with your compressor needs

Woodward Compressor Sales