Air Compressor Oil

Air Compressor Oils and Air Compressor Coolants in Stock 

Woodward Compressor Sales stocks a wide selection of high quality wholesale air compressor oils and air compressor coolants, including many food grade items.

We stock OEM and aftermarket Oils for all major air compressor manufacturers. Oils of all types from synthetic petroleum to synthetic PAO, PAG, DiEster, Silicone, Food Grade, in both Five and Fifty-Five Gallon Drums.

If you need your shipment right away, we can ship your custom order as late as 6pm EST to any location in the United States or throughout the world!

Find the compressor oil you need to keep your compressor parts running smoothly!


Piston Air Compressor Oils:

  • AEON
  • Anderol
  • XL740HT
  • K6740HT
  • XL700
  • Food Grade

Screw Compressor Oils:

  • Ultra Coolant
  • Sullube
  • 24KT Sullair Synthetic Lubricant
  • Food Grade Coolant

We have too many Screw Compressor Oils available and in-stock to list. If it exists, we very like have it in-stock. Please call.


Ingersoll Rand - IR T-30 Air Compressor Oils

  • Petroleum and Synthetic oil is available for Ingersoll Rand T-30 Air Compressors. We stock OEM and aftermarket oil for Ingersoll Rand air compressors. Air Compressor Oil is available in either five gallon or fifty-five gallon drums.

Vane Air Compressor Oils

  • Petroleum and Syntheticair compressor oils are available
  • We stock OEM and aftermarket Oil for all major manufacturers of air compressors. We stock air compressor oils of all types form synthetic petroleum to synthetic PAO, PAG, DIESTER, Silicone, Food Grade, in both Five and Fifty-Five Gallon Drums.

Kaeser Air Compressor Oils

  • Kaeser M460-05 Semi Synthetic Oil, Kaeser S460-05 Synthetic Oil,
  • Food Grade and other specialty lubricants are in-stock.

Speak with our courteous, factory-trained professionals who are here to help you fulfill your custom order. Call our sales office toll free at (800) 438-7278 or (704) 525-0124 for international orders.

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